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What We Do

About Us

GJ Vacations is a privately owned firm providing a variety of services like trips to the Holy Land and Europe, Vacation Homes, Rental Cars, Houseboats, Ayurvedic Treatment, Tour Packages, and Event Management.

Tour Packages: We currently offer two tour packages to the Promised Land (Holy Land) and to the Biblical Europe.

Promised Land: This is a 12-day trip where we visit  Jordan, Egypt, Israel,  and Palestine. It is a 100% biblical study tour with a very affordable rate. The study will be lead by experienced theologians who have conducted many tours. Prayer, fellowship, entertainment, and special biblical adventures are included on this tour. This will be the spiritual experience of your lifetime! 

Biblical Europe:  This is a 13-day trip where we visit Turkey, Greece, Patmos, Italy, and the Vatican. We also visit the seven churches mentioned in Revelation. These include Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. During this trip, we learn about the early church and we go along the paths of Paul's missionary journey. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the life of a first-century Christian. 

 Nurses for UK

Golden opportunities for nurses who wish to work and settle in the UK.


3-year work permit (cos)

attractive salary packages - £ 22000 - £ 28000 per annum (approx. 25

lakh Indian rupees)

free medical

free education for children

dependant visa for your spouse/partner 

in country assistant for bank account, DBS check, new job etc etc

GJ Live Video Production

Live Webcast | Special Events | Wedding Coverage | Conventions | Funeral Coverage | Conferences 

Our Homes: We have Vacation homes in all the major cities of Kerala. Including, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thiruvella, Aranmula, Kozencherry, Pandalam, and Trivandrum. All the houses are above 2,500 sq. ft. Beautifully furnished houses with desirable amenities. Houses for all your occasions and a wonderful way to make precious memories. A Home Away From Home…. 

Our Vacation Home located in Karithas Kottayam is an independent big sized house more than 4000 square feet with 5 bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms come have attached bathrooms and 3 of them are Air Conditioned.  There are also other facilities available like Swimming pool and Basketball Court.  Homemade delicious Kerala style food is also available in close proximity at affordable rates and will be delivered at home.

The house is also proximally close Kottayam Railway Station and prominent hospitals like Caritas Hospital, Matha Hospital, and Kottayam Medical college. It is also not very far from Kumarakam one of the most sought-after Touring places in India. This Vacation Home is a sought-after house for lodging Marriage guests and also for Vacation stays


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