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What We Do

Punarnavam Ayurveda

GJ vacations in parallel to it's tour programs, added Ayurveda to it's health tourism program actively promoted by the Govt. of Kerala. The Ayurveda center is located at Kovalom (300 meters from Howah beach) in Trivandrum, the epicenter of tourism in Kerala under the banner "Punarnavam Ayurveda". Punarnavam is a Sanskrit name meaning rejuvenation, regeneration, born again etc. We uphold the tradition of practice passed down to us through generations with dignity and pride.

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world and its origins go back nearly 5000 years .  Ayurveda denotes “Science of life”, enlightening people to live a better life leading to eternity by living in harmony with nature and one’s own body constitution (Prakruthi). Lack of it is disease. Ayurveda offers a system of cure which runs parallel to Nature. 

Punarnavam offers authentic Ayurveda health and wellness therapies delivered by trained and experienced physicians and masseurs. Pancha Karma (cleansing therapies) are administered under the supervision of trained Doctors. It enhance restoration and renewal of ones health through Cleaning (Sodhana),  Palliation (Samana), Rejuvenation (Rasayana) and Mental hygiene (Satwavajaya).

Facilities & Services:

1. Double or Single Rooms
2. 24-hour hot water supply to all rooms
3. Kitchen with safe drinking water, refrigerator and cooking facilities for guests
4. 24-hours Internet browsing facilities
5. Open space for yoga  - A yoga instructor will be available to assist you (Please remember to inform in advance, if you are interested in yoga)
6. Pickup from airport (Inform in advance)
7. Pick up and dropping back (at the center) those who prefer to stay in hotels or resorts.
8. Will arrange tours on request.
Health & Wellness Therapies:
Poorva Karmas - are the procedures done before the administration of the cleansing therapy. It enhances the healing process and facilitate the movement of the toxins out of the body. This include various therapies like Pinda Swedas, Pizhichil, Uzhichil, Dhara, Udhwarthanam etc.

Pancha Karma - is the operative procedure in Ayurveda. The toxins and carcinogenic waste products accumulated in the body and intestine over a period of time is expelled out through the 5 purification therapies.

1. VAMANAM (Emesis)
2. VIRECHANAM (Purgation)
3. BASTHI (Medicated enema)
4. Raktamokshana (Blood letting)
5. NASYAM (Instillation of medicines through nose) 

Rasayana Therapy - is a specialty treatment procedure done with utmost care to prevent the recurrence of disease and to enhance the immunity of the person.


Speciality Clinics:

1. Spine and Back treatment- Spondylosis, IVDP, Sciatica.
2. Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gouty Arthritis.
3. Endocrine conditions - Infertility, PCOD, Hypothyroidism, Psoriatic Arthritis.
4. Neurology - Stroke, CFS, RTA, facial palsy, multiple sclerosis.
5. Life style disorders - Obesity, Diabetes and its complications, joint disorders.
6. Dermatology - Psoriasis.
7. Gastroentrology - Peptic ulcer, Ulcerative colitis.
8. Rejuvenation (Rasayana)
9. Post delivery convalescence
10. Age related weakness.
11. Chemo therapy and radiation side effects.


  • Contact USA Numbers:
    914 255 6211, 845 300 5056
    Contact Kerala Numbers:
    +91 8281 275 329,   +91 9995 487 270

  • johnsongeo72@gmail.com